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Tips to create your ideal target audience profile

Top Tips for Creating Your Ideal Target Audience Profile

I have worked in the media industry for over 13 years and my first role in publishing taught me an invaluable lesson. In order to […] Read More

Boss Girl Print Competition

Design and Business Inspiration: An interview with Dawn Baxter from Pretty Home Prints

How did you come to start Pretty Home Prints? I was pregnant with my son Jack and struggling to find the right print for his […] Read More

Networking tips

The Power of Networking: An interview with Marian Arnold-Lawson

Marian runs Business Introductions, a networking and corporate event company in Manchester. She holds events in fun and trendy locations across Manchester, which enables people […] Read More

Reach for your Goals: 6 ways to increase productivity and reduce stress

Reach for your Goals: 6 Ways to Increase Productivity and Reduce Stress

In the age of digital and choice overload we often feel frustrated if our whole action list is not completed┬áby the end of day or […] Read More