Design and Business Inspiration: An interview with Dawn Baxter from Pretty Home Prints

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How did you come to start Pretty Home Prints?

I was pregnant with my son Jack and struggling to find the right print for his newly decorated nursery. A couple of friends had bought me some gorgeous wall prints as gifts and I wanted one more. I looked all over for weeks and could not find what I wanted. I had found similar but felt they were unreasonably priced. In the end I decided to design and draw it out myself and was very happy with the result!  Soon friends and family were asking me for bespoke and personalised items and I began slowly falling in love with designing and making people happy!

Dawn Baxter

Can you describe your collection?

Pretty Home Prints has a diverse collection. We sell designs ranging from occasion based personalised gifts to high end fashion home décor. We like to try and cater to every taste and use our quality and customer service as our unique selling point.

What is the best thing about working for yourself?

I love being able to balance family life with my work. It gives me a massive sense of pride to have complete autonomy over each critical decision and the planning and execution of all areas of the business. It allows me the freedom to achieve my goals without having to sacrifice time away from my family. I love that I can be quietly designing new items with the candles on in my own home, sat with my husband on a quiet evening. I find it liberating to be able to change my work to suit my life.


How do you promote your business?

I love to use social media! Pretty Home Prints are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. We also attend fairs and trade shows and love to collaborate with other fabulous like minded businesses. We often run giveaways, competitions and fun stuff to keep in touch and reach out to more #pretties. (This is our name for our followers/customers).

What advice would you give to someone who is starting out or thinking of launching?

My best advice would be to be authentic. Find what it is about yourself that has fueled the passion behind your project and continue to only fuel that fire within yourself. Don’t look around to imitate anyone else and don’t allow others success to side-line your plans. If you have put your heart into something it will show, and no one can compete with that.


What is your most popular design?

Our Best-selling design is our Rose Gold Hand foiled “She believed she could” print. This one has been purchased over and over each week since we made it.

She believed she could so she did print design

Our next popular product is our “Good vibes only affirmation cards for pre-teen girls. These cards have proven to make a difference to so many young women already and word is spreading fast about the significance of nurturing this age groups emotional and mental health well being.

Affirmation cards

What is in the pipeline for Pretty Home Prints?

Such exciting times for us coming up!! We have so many beautiful connections happening in the next couple of months. There are lots of new designs launching all the time but will be adding some specific Father’s Day and summer designs soon! We will be launching small ranges of accessories and apparel as well and are working with some big designers for wedding venue dressing to allow brides in the UK to have their wedding signs and stationary designed and produced by us.

We are also currently working on our next set of affirmation cards… this time for the boys!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

We look at trends and popular quotes but most of our designs have sprung from family life. So many of my designs have been drawn with my children or family in mind. I will sit at the draw pad for hours and once I start I can’t seem to stop. I must credit a healthy amount of inspiration to our amazing and loyal customers. So often we are given a brief that we work the designs towards and this spurs on the evolution of our designs.

Good Vibes on;y print

What do you struggle with the most running your own business?

My biggest struggle is “unplugging”. There is always so much more to do. I will constantly sit on my phone answering customers or responding to social media engagement. Sometimes I must remind myself that the balance is important to my well-being and then in turn to the business too. When I do give myself the time to recharge, I find the quality and efficiency of my work improves when I get back to it.

What do you enjoy doing in your downtime?

I love watching movies, playing with my kids, cooking lean meals (usually from a Joe Wicks cookbook) seeing friends and family and just giving myself a break 😊.

We live by the sea, so we are very lucky that we can have a nice walk on the seafront and get that blast of nature and fresh air every so often. That’s important to me and I love it.


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17 Replies to “Design and Business Inspiration: An interview with Dawn Baxter from Pretty Home Prints

  1. How wonderful! I am totally jealous of anyone with artistic talent and flair! I can’t even draw a straight line! Prints would proba my be the easiest way for me to transform rooms at the moment so need to check this out! Sim x

  2. What a great interview. I love the idea of the pre-teens affirmation cards, it’s such a tricky time of life and the designs look really good.

    I hadn’t heard of “Pretty Home Prints” before this so I’ll be checking them out now, thank you x

    1. Thank you Frankie , we are dedicated to shining a light on the step before puberty, so often overlooked but agree is so cruical. So glad you now know we are here 😊 x

  3. Oh wow!!! I love these. I seem to have a bit of a thing for prints with quotes at the moment. I’m definitiely going to be having a look at Pretty Home Prints for the Cwtch in the living room (it’s a corner dedicated to cuddly time for the kids!)

    1. I love the idea of a cuddle corner! That’s a wonderful idea. We do personalised and bespoke prints too. If there is something you love but can’t see in our selections please do let me know as we are happy to design for you x

    1. Hi Annette, I love that women are buying this print in particular and feeling empowered. In truth it is a fuel behind the entire brand. Thank you for taking the time to have a look at our prints x

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