Let’s Talk About Mindset and Me: An Interview with Heather Rose

Mindset and Me

Heather is a mum of one to 10-year-old Isaac and runs multiple businesses. Read her interview below about her latest business venture Mindset and Me and empowering the minds of children.

Mindset and Me create affirmation and mindset products for children who may need a confidence boost, to be inspired, taught the importance of self-love, love of others and responsibility.
Mindset and Me

How did you come to start Mindset and Me?

Isaac was suffering from low self-esteem and used to come home from school saying he felt stupid. This really upset me and I knew something had to change to help grow his mindset and build his self-confidence.

I have been working on developing my own mindset over the last few years and practicing daily affirmations. This is due to me being in a very low place 3 years ago. It was a very difficult time for me. I was raped in my teens, bullied at school, attempted to take my own life and suffered a mental abusive first marriage. I hid this for 24 years and never told a soul.

However, I was introduced to a mindset coach who helped me to start believing in myself and discover the law of attraction. My life turned around. I was asked to share my story and co-author a book, Mumpreneur on Fire 2, which is an Amazon number 1 bestseller.

I introduced this positivity into Isaacs life and have seen a huge difference in his outlook, his self-love and how he behaves.

Together we have launched Mindset and Me to help other children and grow their mindset. We want to help make them feel confident, positive and believe they can achieve anything!

Heather and Isaac

It is a fantastic idea – tell us more about the importance of raising awareness of mental health and creating a positive mindset in children.


In a world filled with negativity, violence, bullying, and depression, I feel it is so important that there is support available for our children to help them develop a growth mindset (even from a young age). A positive attitude can make life so much more manageable and happy.  You can start to control your reactions to everyday occurrences. This attitude enables you to develop the strength to deal with life’s challenges. When children develop a positive attitude early in life, positive thinking becomes a habit that can ease the pressures associated with growing up.

For example, has your child ever said to you “There’s no point, I’ll never be able to do it” or said “I’ve tried that before and couldn’t do it?”

Feelings like this are what children believe about themselves and what makes them think they are good at something – whether that is with school work, sports activities, jobs around the house, or even their ability to deal with their emotions and behaviour.

Some children will tend to give up on challenging tasks easily or avoid tasks they’ve failed at before. They are fixed on the belief that they will fail again. They struggle to believe in themselves and think negatively. This is a ‘fixed mindset’.

Some children might bounce back quickly from failure and be more likely to try again or push forward in finding new ways of how to achieve something. They tend to be children who believe that you can improve by practicing or by finding a different way to achieve your goal. This way of thinking is called a ‘growth mindset’, and developing it can help make children more resilient for life.

With the Mindset and Me daily affirmation cards and products, we are encouraging a growth mindset and positive self-talk.

I believe in me

Do you run any other businesses?

Yes, I also run a Cosmetic business and empower women through feeling good about themselves.

What do you like the most about running your own business?

I love the time freedom, being able to work when I want and have the flexibility to be here for Isaac. I also love being in control of my own future.

Work Sheets

What are your biggest challenges?

My biggest challenge was building my confidence and overcoming the fear of rejection. Also with launching a new business, it is difficult getting yourself noticed and securing the publicity.

What advice would you give to other women setting up a business?

My advice is to believe in yourself! If it’s something you want to do just grab it with both hands and run with it. Life is too short to have any regrets. If something doesn’t work learn from it and move on. We only get one shot.  I would also say networking is the key, building relationships with people. I believe we should all help and empower each other.

What are your future plans for Mindset and Me?

I have lots of ideas and would love this to go worldwide so we can help as many children and families as possible. We have lots of new products and merchandise to launch too. My big aim is to get this into schools and also to set up Mindset workshops.

What do you like to do in your downtime?

Love having family time, going to new places and days out to create lots of memories!

Check out the Mindset and Me website to shop their products: www.mindsetandme.uk/


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